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JENiSOFT Services are always designed in response to client needs. Details vary from client to client, but some services are particularly popular. JENiSOFT has specific experience providing the following services to clients

Our suite of Oracle and MS-SQL-related services includes:

  • Performance tuning with a focus on rapid delivery of performance results
  • Backup and recovery review and implementation
  • Database installation, including RAC
  • Database design
  • Security audits
  • Remote DBA Support

We want you to think of Database Specialists as your best partner for Oracle database and MS-SQL consulting. From designing and architecting new database systems to tuning Oracle, to seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing Oracle and MS-SQL Servers.
We also provide remote database administration. Call on us for any Oracle-related projects you may have

Improving response time, eliminating bottlenecks, increasing scalability, reducing hardware and software costs, working with developers to improve the performance of SQL and PL/SQL

Database architecture and design, installations, enhancements, patches, monitoring, database rebuilding, backup/recovery, RAC (Real Application Clusters), replication, capacity planning, troubleshooting

User requirements, database functionality, logical and physical design, data modeling

Based on audit results and client initiatives, we can provide complete backup and recovery solutions or supplement existing programs. We plan, design, pilot, implement, train and turn over systems and processes that are in tune with your needs and budget. Our solutions apply the industry’s best practices to your backup and recovery system. We deliver recommendations and strategies to improve your system while meeting organizational objectives. By tailoring our backup and recovery solutions to your unique needs and computing environment, we help ensure your organization will experience:

  • Less downtime
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Optimal performance

Our experts shall ensure seamless migration of your data to any new DB. In case you plan to migrate technology we are there to help you. Our experts shall ensure no data loss.

Our experts shall design migration strategy. This strategy shall be tested on a test environment. All the pros and cons of the strategy shall note and the strategy shall again be fine tuned and tested again. Once our experts arrive at optimal and tested strategy then only they shall proceed to production system. Once migration has been done our experts shall thoroughly check and ascertain that every aspect of the system has been migrated and is in order

Data Replication services for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases, with available data replication features that provide users with fast, local access to shared data, and protects the availability of applications because alternate data access options exist. In recognizing the data replication challenges you face, we help you to implement a data replication solution that’s right for you. You get the key benefits of allowing multiple sites to keep copies of the same data which is useful when multiple sites need to read the same data or need separate servers for reporting applications; separate OLTP applications from read-intensive applications, such as OLAP, data marts or data warehouses; allowing greater autonomy, so that users can work with copies of data while disconnected and then propagate changes they make to other databases when connected; increasing aggregate read performance.

We primarily focus on understanding your business and Plan, Design & Deploy a technology solution.

The process starts from finding and understanding IT needs of your business, which involves complete study of the business processes. Further, we plan alternate IT strategies that may have a significant impact on your business. After complete analysis of business impact of each IT strategy, most appropriate IT strategy is selected. This strategy is then planned at low level, designed and then deployed.

It comprises regular checks to ensure your database is configured for maximum efficiency; a full documentation set; report of findings to your own in-house staff; 24*7 emergency assistance; uplift cover, when your in-house staffs are away on leave. We are permanent commitment means true cover for your systems.