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Adoption of cloud computing can help you to reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, unlock new possibilities, and realize your strategic IT objectives faster, or it could just be your tool to regain your lost core business focus. No matter what your goals are, capitalizing on cloud computing is a significant IT decision—one that can have far-fetching implications  on your general IT strategy, future IT technology acquisitions, regulatory obligations, staffing, governance, and eventual technology-enabled business goals realization.

The premise that one single technology decision could impact so much—and that too across varied organization functions—makes the choice both critical and sometimes very difficult, especially in the rapidly emerging and continuously shaping cloud computing landscape.

Furthermore, though cloud computing is a direct and obvious fit for many scenarios, large and potentially serious scenarios of cloud computing application are the ones that require a thorough analysis of the changes, risks, and opportunities that a compute model brings to an enterprise. This analysis is critical in the context of the client’s unique needs, technology landscape, and IT strategy, and thus requires varied, cross-cutting discipline and expertise, besides the core cloud computing specialization.

  • Public cloud that is most suited for heavy or impulsive traffic. This offers a multi-tenant atmosphere with pay as you grow features.
  • Private cloud that is a single tenant atmosphere that offers devoted servers for extreme security within or outside your businesses data center.
  • Hybrid cloud that offers devoted servers for individual application use.
  • Multi cloud such as AWS or Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, and VM ware that is specific to multiple applications.
  • Assistance in making the most of the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Identify which of the applications are best suited for cloud migration.